Friday, July 23

Packing Again or Why Posting May Be Erratic Here

Earlier this year, my husband and I received notice on where our next assignment would be. We imagined a well-coordinated move that would involve overseeing movers boxing our belongings. They would be transported two and a half hours away while we enjoyed a few months of R & R. During this break, we would enjoy our families, spend some time visiting childhood haunts, and enjoy the food we miss so much. We did not, on the contrary, imagine that my sons and I would whisk away early from post, spending several weeks living with family while my husband worked and prepared our home for the big move on his own. There were no family health emergencies, no trips to the hospital, no cars being broken into, and certainly no other unforeseen problems in our plans for this summer.

We were wrong. Very wrong.

I’m writing this with only a week or so left to go. Movers came today to pick up our air shipment and all of the goods we purchased on our trip. On Monday, our car will be picked up and it too will makes its way to our future home. I say future home, lightly. You see, at this point, we don’t actually have a home. Post has not been able to secure one yet for us. For the next month (or more), we will be living in either a hotel or another house. There will like be no internet and, for me, that means no connection to my friends and family in the States. It also means that the ‘settling-in’ period has just been expanded until we’re finally able to move all of our worldly possessions into a more permanent home.

In the next week, I’ll be posting some of the “How I Write” posts out of their scheduled dates. I missed this past week and will be posting that later today. I may be MIA for several weeks but will be back as soon as possible.


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