Monday, May 17

Writing Right

I'm not sure if it's even a valid worry. With every book I read on craft and process, it seems the overwhelming belief is that there is no right. There are good stories, stories that capture your attention and never let go and then, there are bad stories, that just don't have the pull to keep a reader interested. My inner editor differs. She tells me that there is only one way to write and I just haven't been illuminated on how that is.

Again and again, I hear her whisper..."This sucks. Why even bother? You'll never be able to write like...insert witty, smart author here..." At my strongest, the joy of writing keeps the doubt at bay. I sit and I write and I write and it doesn't feel like writing at all. It feels like being moved, like seeing the words appear without any effort at all. Are they the right words? I'm not really sure. Craft book after craft book inspires but am I learning enough to make a difference in the second draft?