Wednesday, September 22

Moving Again

or Why Isabelle has been missing in action…
In March, my sons and I left our home for the past three years to spend a few weeks with family. My husband stayed behind, working and getting our belongings ready for the move from one post to another. When he joined us, we spent a few more weeks with him in Virginia for training and then more time traveling between our families. After several months of living out of luggage and always living in someone else’s space, we were excited to finally land in our new assignment, Monterrey, Mexico.
It should have been the beginning of a rocky settling in period. First, we needed to acclimate to living in a new city, with new people. Second, we would be spending our first month or more in a hotel without our things and without a real kitchen. The first big bump happened only two weeks in when my husband left for a business trip to Bucharest. The second big bump occurred less than 24 hours after his return when the violence so prevalent in Mexico came too close to my son’s school. The US government decided to send out all children of diplomatic families and that left us scrambling to plan our future.
Fast forward several weeks and I’m back to living with my family. My husband is left behind for another few weeks, working and getting our belongings ready for shipping. We’re not precisely sure when he’ll be back. We do know that we’ll be making our home for the next two years in New England. Now starts another series of adventures. We’re looking to purchase our first home, getting ready to finally have all of our belongings in one spot (furniture has been stored for the past three years), and expecting our third child in only a few months.
This is all why blogging here has been a little spotty. The future looks bright and I’m hoping to share much of it here along with my writing adventures.

Wednesday, September 15

A Contest Entry

Recently I entered the New Voices contest hosted by Mills & Boons. If you’d like to give my first chapter a read, visit their site here. While I’ve been disappointed by the rating system, I’m glad that I took the chance and gave others an opportunity to read, rate and comment on my work.