Tuesday, June 15

How I Write: Blog Series Intro

How-I-Write2-bannerBefore I even started writing my first novel, I couldn’t get enough information on how others write. I wondered how they came to sit down and start writing, how they overcame the little demons of doubt and insecurity, and how they learned to get the people in their heads down on paper. I read books written by some great authors who shared their experiences and I delved deep into the internet to find incredible resources like blogs and forums. It was these accounts that helped me to begin.
I am so excited to announce that starting tomorrow I will be participating in a blog series with some of my fellow writers. We’ll be discussing our own writing processes and how we each experience the different steps in writing our different genres. Some of us our more experienced, while others like me are still early in our learning. We’ll discuss topics like where our ideas come from, how we plot or pants our way through our MS, and exactly how we get through the revision process. The How I Write Series banner above links to the other writers and their blogs. It will run from June 16 until August 25.


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