Monday, March 15

How to Write When Your World Shifts

It’s hard. Crazy hard. Procrastination isn’t even the issue. If it were, I would be writing like mad, instead of staring at lists, spending time trying to figure out what stuff I need to pack, how I’m going to live so many months without a physical place to call home.

I so badly want to write my words down, keep the story rolling. I can only hope that life won’t throw too many barriers up between traveling, hotels, and the uncertainty of what life will be like in the fall. I am grateful that my characters still feel alive and that I am only not writing because time, space, and energy have kept me away.

Here’s my plan:

For the next five weeks, while we transition to the next post, I will keep a notebook and pen handy at all times. If inspiration hits on a plane, in a car, or at a restaurant, I will be ready. My netbook will be ready at a moment’s notice. Whether I get in 5 or 500 words, I will see it as forward progress. I will keep my writing self flexible. Stress and pressure will only stifle my abilities.


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